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[电驴下载]--Maya 超真实人物角色教程



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中文名: Maya 超真实人物角色教程% e2 f! s9 ~& }/ y, r9 {( \
英文名: Maya Techniques Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation. f  D( i4 O# t7 A
版本: 英文
, N5 W0 V; A' P2 t发行时间: 2006年
+ r+ K% u6 ]  B, I简介:
* W, E0 R. M* C3D美术资源/视频教程 [电驴下载]--Maya 超真实人物角色教程  1
  \& _+ t; J3 I分类: CG教程 : Y% E' _& |2 h: o4 C0 d
文件大小: 692M / t7 l6 b. ~- z+ h) j/ ^7 s
适用平台: 所有平台
6 Z5 e2 ?: a9 U介绍:
" n0 x, ]; G3 p8 }% D7 H' n4 OMaya Techniques | Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation (Maya 超真实人物角色教程):
& t, e7 m4 H; T6 N" P教你如何实现真实高端人物角色创建和设计,由Alias母公司制作,极具真实技术和权威性。官方于2006,4月下旬发行,Release Date:2006.4.21! 7 `5 B  Z7 h. l2 }. k: n
本系列 Maya DVD 教程专门针对那些希望精通 Maya 某方面细节功能的高级用户,Maya Techniques | Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation 教会你在装配人物角色时如何得到更好的结果,在不牺牲灵活性的条件下,装配角色身体,通过看起来更加自然的动作给角色带来生气。本教程将教会你完成生动的角色所必须的策略和技巧。作家和艺术家: Eric Miller, Paul Thurior and Jeff Unay ,带领你在告别苦恼和反复尝试的情况下轻松地学习本 DVD 教程。3 ?& }8 z; n! F/ t! c
) [  @: e$ e: c5 H* a7 ~# ^& e  提高你的技巧--探索创建连接、层级与断开层级、创建具有人性特征的控制,以及更多内容;, o& A: a$ h& A. h
  向业内专家学习--Paul Thuriot 将通过真实的产品解决方案来帮助你学习,节约大量时间和精力。7 a& J" ?9 k8 i- F
3D美术资源/视频教程 [电驴下载]--Maya 超真实人物角色教程  21 y* l1 X" _8 Z% _
Maya Techniques / Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation is you solution for creating convincing characters in Maya. Get hands-on experience with innovative tools and powerful industry-recognized techniques as you learn to model like a pro, set-up your skeleton in a fast and easy way and create realistic facial controls. This book will help you achieve hyper-real characters quickly and effectively. ) T' r4 y1 M  ]
Get the inside scoop on high-end production techniques from industry pros Erick Miller, Paul Thuriot, and Jeff Unay! Through Project-based lessons, follow Jeff Unay's process for modeling the beast, Paul Thuriot's workflow for rigging the beast's body and Erick Miller's tips and techniques on complex facial rigging for maximum flexibility. The book car5efully delineates the entire production process for the beast's creation, so that you can both understand the individual techniques and how they relate to each other in a pipeline. You'll also take advantage of helpful video demonstrations so you can watch the experts at work.
. r& U8 v* ^2 {3 k& B, @( b; EBy examining the entire process, you will learn strategies for creating characters with an emphasis on anatomy and realism. Lessons are designed to cover effective workflows for devising models that can be easily manipulated and animated. The methods discussed in this book can be applied to any setup needs that you may have because you'll learn the rigging process from the concept stage through to pipeline integration.
% D7 n* ~; w9 O" B/ O# l3D美术资源/视频教程 [电驴下载]--Maya 超真实人物角色教程  33 C/ v& [3 I, Q8 O& r* r) S
With this DVD you will:
4 q: O! S$ b$ Q+ Y2 jBe introduced to modeling theories/ h; V4 y7 R, q9 H8 O  j4 V
Learn how to use powerful tools like the Soft Modification Tool and the Split Edge Ring Tool.# b, t& w8 P: _
Learn how to create custom hotkeys and marking menus
! U6 z5 j& ^0 Q, w, w; J; ^( _Import image planes and block out a character2 s* g; a5 u) Y* m" @; z: j+ e
Create an Adobe Photoshop network
  s; z) L3 y/ s' f/ S+ C; l. h# UUse automation scripts# M. Y, ]# @1 E# |: G
Understand how to use a multiple rig workflow1 U  w' O0 c+ j3 l% ]. c5 Y2 |
Lock, paint, mirror skin weights, and connect a bound rig to a control rig
3 H# L1 c* k5 t( J- iCreate corrective blend shapes, and set-up cluster controls
+ B! Q) e8 @! F/ m4 K6 ]# L. eLearn how to create jaw, eye, and lip setups# u* [; _! D* z% e- |6 N
Discover concepts of a realistic skin shader
1 ?% c" p- a4 I- g9 w$ p% o# W; o, N
- v% z! F' @) ~) t: P$ h请用电驴软件下载,在下载的同时也在上传,只有我为人人,人人为我才能/ z" |5 s9 [  u4 R% v1 E9 `
' Z+ p3 Y, h  z0 |& v& {/ g在你下载了自己需要的资源时请给发布者回复支持一下,这是对无私贡献者最好的感谢~~

. ?1 \$ G$ [) v. q7 H
  K( K' |3 W' O" I下面是电驴下载地址    / [6 H9 K' b6 ?
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